2015 Caltech Space Challenge Speakers

Opening Ceremony

Lt. Gen. Larry James - Deputy Director of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Prof. Beverley McKeon - Professor of Aeronautics, GALCIT

Nigel Angold - Independent space consultant: "Project management and team building" 

Technical Presentations

Steven Matousek (JPL) : "Mission Formulation"

Damon Landau (JPL) : "Trajectory design of distant retrograde lunar orbits"

David Vaughan (JPL) : "Chemical propulsion for in-space applications"

David Murrow (Lockheed Martin) : "Asteroid Redirect Mission and the future of human spaceflight"

David Smyth (Millennium Space Systems) : "Proposal writing and concept development"

Rachel Forman and Rachel Ellman (SpaceX) : "Q&A session regarding human space flight considerations"

Closing Banquet

Prof. Tom Prince - Director of the Keck Institute for Space Studies and Professor of Physics, Caltech

Prof. Paul Dimotakis - John K. Northrop Professor of Aeronautics, Caltech and  Former JPL Chief Technologist

Jakob Van Zyl - Associate director of Project Formulation and Strategy at JPL